Concertos with Symphony Orchestra

 Yang Jing pipa soloist at the Last night of BBC Proms 1999

Formal Introduction by Julian Philips / 15'


Pipa Concerto in three movementsby Minoru Miki  32'

 This concerto was inspired by one of the longest and famous poem written in Tang Dynasty by  Bei Juyi.  The music piece has been played often with different orchestras of the different countries.

CD Minoru Miki: Pipa Concerto /Camerata Record /CMCD-28036

video sample: NHK  Yang Jing with Orchestra Asia (Asia instruments Orchestra):


Ballade of the Eternal Sorrow by Mo Fan / 20'

 The piece composed according the famous poem by Bai Juyi in Tang Dynasty. Describe the eminent love story between the Tang Empire Tang and Princess Yang. Characterize lovers' fate as they have to facing the death. The Empire Tang had to give the order to his most be loved Princess Yang under the threatening of Army's rebel. Express the weakness of humanity under the feudalism pressure. Composer uses some elements of the Dunhuang music and Qin Qiang Shanxi opera to describe this story was happened in Changan at the Tang Dynasty, structured the piece in a Chinese traditional opera "free-adagio-moderato-presto" form. Listeners besides the conscious of humanities and human nature will also feel the power of love.


Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra by Tuering Braem

 In three movements:






Double Concerto for Pipa and Violin by Laurent Mettraux 

Ce projet d’une œuvre concertante pour pipa et violon fait suite à la rencontre avec Yang Jing, fabuleuse musicienne chinoise, et au désir d’écrire une œuvre faisant une sorte de pont entre l’univers occidental et l’univers oriental. De cette collaboration est née une œuvre dans laquelle Orient et Occident, à l’instar des deux instruments solistes totalement différents et complémentaires dans leur sonorité et leurs modes de jeu, dialoguent, se rapprochent, s’opposent et s’influencent….

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