Different Song

4tet_mMichel Wintsch: piano             

Bänz Oester: contrebasse

Norbert Pfammatter: batterie

Yang Jing: pipa

 -  Different Song - a modern quartet formed by Chinese and Swiss musicians: Yang Jing (pipa), Michel Wintsch (piano), Bänz Oester(bass) and Norbert Pfammatter (drum). They are important musicians of today’s musical scene. They have highly musicality and reputation, rich music experiences and strong creations. Each of them has individual musical characters and culture backgrounds. Together they integrative, contradictive and harmonically building up this unique quartet: Different Song.

The quartet Different Song has concert toured through China, from North to the South, middle and East cities, played in different venues. Young Chinese people and musicians fascinated and attracted the sound world they have created!


Their repertory including different senses of music: Jazzy, modern, free and very disciplined. Their music rooted in western as well as eastern deep cultures, burst out from these beautiful instruments and these musicians life.


Sound samples:

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2. Step in to the future I

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