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«Identity» - Music for East and West Strings 東西弦樂協奏

Monday, 21 January 2019 at 18:00

Davos, Promenade 61,Davos Platz, Davos, 7270


YANG Jing楊靜 and the Lucene Festival Strings
東西弦樂協奏Music for East and West Strings

at the Caspian week _ World Economic Forum 2019 Davos

Programm 节目单

1. The Old Silk Road Pipa
Yang Jing楊靜
2. Metal 金 - from Elements 五行
Donald Reid Womack 唐纳德∙里德∙   沃马克
3. Silk Bamboo Strings 
Yang Jing楊靜
4.Identity 身份
Yang Jing楊靜
5. A Shanxiner In Muotathal  
Yang Jing 楊靜
6. Black Horse
Yang Jing 楊靜
(after Traditional Tune)
7. Jade In Strings 弦中钰
Yang Jing楊靜
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