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The Swiss-Chinese composer YANG Jing is also an renowned top international Pipa soloist. Miss Yang has made her fame through concert tours in the world since 1987.

Her compositions often feature east and west instrumentations with wide approaches in creative techniques and musical languages. They have been staged in many musical festivals and in different countries in Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Among others 2005 – 2010 in Japan and 2013 - 2018 in Switzerland she was commisioned to compose and perform on yearly bassed music festivals. Combining her love for musical traditions of east and west with an innovative spirit of exploration, Yang Jing builds on a vast amalgam of musical history from both Asian and Western traditions to create a musical experience that transcends boundaries.

Ms. Yang started play the Pipa at age 6. At age 13, has finished her study at Henan traditional opera school and worked as pipa player in Local Traditional Opera Theatre. She graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1986 and worked as a soloist in the Central National Orchestra for 12 years. As a international exchange artists supported by the Japan fundation in the middle 90th, she studied composition in Japan. Since1998 she became a freelance concert soloist touring around the world. She received Master of Composition and Theory from Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland.

As a composer, she writes music for different formations: Western orchestras; orchestras and ensembles with traditional Chinese instruments; mixed western and asian instrumental ensembles; Big Band; Jazz Ensemble; for choral, theatre, Film and Multimedia settings. Her unique creations have been premièred in the United States, Europe, China and Japan, in concerts and festivals, such as: Hokuto International Music Festival(Japan);  Christmas in Kremlin(Moscow); Along The Old Silk Road (Japan); Nagano Music Festival(Japan); Shanghai Spring (China); Beijing Music(Beijing); Boswiler Summer (Switzerland);  MusikFestivalBern (Bern, Switzerland); Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival(Germany); Festival der Neuen Seidenstrasse(Zürich, Aargau); Tage für Musik der Welt (Zürich); Tage für Musik zwischen den Welten; Culturescapes; Alte Musik Forum; China Nähe (Berlin,lübeck,Germany); Zwischen Donau und Rhine Summer Festival; Lake Como Summer Music Festival(Italy); Peace-Jerusalem Music Festival (Israel) etc. Since 2000 she receives continuously composition commissions from different performing groups and music festivals. 2007 she won the composition commision by Südkulturfonds, (Helvitia). 2013 she won the composition commission by Aargauer Kuratorium. 2015/16 she was selected Artists by Pro Argovia, a Culture committee in Switzerland.

'A Touch Of Eternity
- The Yang commissioned work .... orchestra mystically played the first soundscapes unusual harmonies, increasing density, which let your own body vibrating.
The composition fascinated by otherness, a refined percussion with some completely unknown noise. Yang merged with her Pipa.

The audience entered in the millennia an ancient Chinese music reflected to modern western sounds again and again. At the same time, the great attraction was the poetic and powerful virtuosity of the musician. What very impressive was also conductor Becker has done in rehearsal the orchestral part, what had to come to grips with the musicians the beat and disharmony. People were totally attract in a foreign world.
The applause was no end, so that the Chinese gave away two encores - Pipa solo. The admiration to her playing art remained. ...' November 2014

As a player, she is equally comfortable whether performing solo concerts, chamber music or concertos, and frequently appears in jazz and improvisatory settings as well. Since end of 90th, she started to play improvised music, in duos with drummers Pierre Favre and Max Roach; saxophonist Arnie Lawrence and ensembles;

Simultaneously she was soloist in classical ensembles and orchestras. For example, in 2002 she won «Traditional Music Contribution» price with Tokyo-based groups «Yang Jing and Yui Ensemble» at the International Chamber Music Competition in Osaka, Japan. Since 2003 she explore even wider new instrumental and vocal combinations, such as Jazz quartet «Different Song» and in different Trios, Duos with great Jazz musicians; To compose and practise with the «Swiss European Chinese Ensemble».

She inspired composers from different culture background to compose for pipa and has premièred many Pipa Concertos with different Orchestras which were composed for her. She has also premièred her own works such as Pipa Concertos, music for pipa with different performing styles: classical ensembles, orchestrates, choir, Jazz formations and new western opera style.

Yang Jing has founded or co-founded different ensembles to work continuously for musical discoveries. Thanks to her intercultural understanding and ability in mastering different musical styles that helped her found own musical language. Her Pipa composition «Dance along the old Silk Road» was appointed as China National Pipa Competation piece in 2004. '..The difference from contemporary European composers is that Yang Jing's music based on Chinese traditions. This encounter between the East and West occurred in the opposite direction of our western new music composers, namely: From East to West, which opening up a new world'. (18.09.2018 Schweiz _Festival reviews).

YANG Jing lives in central Switzerland with her family. She is member of SUISA; SonArt.Swiss; Swiss Perform and
She is on the way to deliver more nice musical surprises!


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